Now many enterprises are wholesale office furniture, because a lot of office furniture can be purchased at a low price, and the quality is also very good.


So what should we pay attention to when we sell furniture? Today, Xiaobian office furniture factory is going to tell you! Some enterprises adopt custom-made office furniture. It's actually a matter of choosing office furniture. While choosing office furniture, observe whether the wood is defective. Furniture should not have large scars or cracks or cracks in its main force-bearing parts, such as load-bearing bars near the ground between pillars and connecting pillars. Structures are firm, frames must not be loosened, mortise and material breakage are not allowed. The components of wood-based panels used in furniture should be edge-sealed, and many parts, leaking nails and penetrating nails should be installed in all kinds of accessories. All of these should be noted, generally observe these can understand how this office furniture operation? The management system is not sound and sound.


Then open the door and drawer of the office furniture cabinet, and observe whether the wood is dry, compact, white and delicate. If there are furniture made of particleboard, density board and primary forming board, open the cabinet door or drawer and smell to see if there is irritating odor. If there is a pungent odor, we must pay attention to whether formaldehyde exceeds the standard. It's recommended not to buy those with severe irritation.


另外,将手放在家具的表面,仔细检查抛光面是否平滑,特别要避免台脚等部位是否毛糙,颜料涂刷是否有条痕,角位的颜料是否涂得过厚,是否有裂痕或气泡。看疤结也是鉴定纯木的好方法:看好有疤痕的一面所在位置,再在另一面找是否有相应花纹。木纹和疤结。如一个柜门,外表看上去是一种花纹,那么相应着这个花纹变化的位置,在柜门的背面看相应的花纹,如果对应得很好则是纯实木柜门。这些也是辨别家具的方法,当然在挑选家具的时候注意这些方法也就足够了 本文由浙江办公家具厂|定做高档办公家具公司|办公家具批发采购|钢木办公桌椅—杭州亚洲欧美综合在线天堂 家具制造有限公司网站(。

In addition, put your hands on the surface of furniture, carefully check whether the polishing surface is smooth, especially to avoid rough foot and other parts, whether there are any marks in the paint brushing, whether the corner paint is too thick, whether there are cracks or bubbles. Looking at scars is also a good way to identify pure wood: look at the location of the scarred side and find out if there are corresponding patterns on the other side. Wood grain and scar. If a cabinet door looks like a pattern, then corresponding to the changing position of the pattern, look at the corresponding pattern on the back of the cabinet door, if it corresponds well, it is a pure wooden cabinet door. These are also ways to distinguish furniture. Of course, when choosing furniture, these methods will be enough. This article is made by Zhejiang office furniture factory, which is made up of high-end office furniture company, office furniture wholesale and purchase, and steel wood desk chair -- Hangzhou Fan Youqi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. website (