Most of the office furniture on the market is processed into finished products by industrial processes. Generally, the wood used in office furniture has some odor. If the odor is pungent, the quality of raw materials and paint is usually poor. If you smell with a distinct fragrance, or pungent taste can not be required. Normal is the belt.


1. No Taste


It smells a bit of wood, but it's not strong or pungent.


2. Look at certificates/reports


The formaldehyde content of wooden office furniture should not be greater than 1.5 mg/l. Normal manufacturers on the market will have the certificate report of the National Standard "Limit of Harmful Substances in Interior Decoration Material Office Furniture". If not, do not buy. If there is a certificate report, the relevant test report with the standard of E1 should also be selected.


3. Look at the details


From the perspective of workmanship, it mainly depends on whether there are scratches, indentations, bubbles, degumming, peeling and glue marks on the surface of the board; the wood pattern should be natural and fluent, which belongs to natural wood, naturally formed; for the desk, more attention should be paid to the color matching and texture of office furniture.


At the same time, observe whether the desk will appear slanting, sinking, uneven phenomenon. The side, surface and decorative parts of office furniture mainly depend on whether the painting is uniform, whether the structure is firm, whether the trimming is smooth, whether the side panels of spare parts, door panels, drawer panels and other end faces are complete and no gap.


After installation, whether the office furniture is firm or not and whether it is shaking by hand. Whether the gap between the door and drawer is too large, whether the opening and pulling of the door and drawer are flexible and no abnormal noise.


We have introduced a lot about how to buy office furniture. Today's three aspects are only a small part of it. More will not be introduced one by one. I hope you will choose carefully!