I believe that many small partners are more concerned about the service life of newly bought or intended office furniture. Generally speaking, the service life of office furniture is related to many factors, not only to the original factory office furniture itself. How long is the service life of office furniture?


Although office furniture does not need to be replaced as frequently as clothes, it also has a certain life span. How long does the life span of office furniture depend on its material, structure and technology, and use mode. Here we will talk about the relationship between the life span of office furniture and material factors.


I. Material Grade Life of Solid Wood Office Furniture


Solid wood is used to make office furniture, the advantage is very environmentally friendly, but its life is also a problem, some people may say that solid wood furniture can be handed down in ancient times, with decades of no problem. It is necessary to say here that the reason why the ancient solid wood furniture can be handed down is that the material is good, solid wood also has high and low points, rosewood can certainly be, but the general wood is difficult to say, and the former tenon and mortise structure damages the wood, now mostly using hardware, life will be greatly reduced.


2. Material and Life of Plate Type


Wood-based panel office furniture has now become the main material type in the market, characterized by high density and low price. Its life is related to external factors. Without any external forces and external factors, it will be no problem for a hundred years, but it is impossible. Temperature, moisture and gravity will affect the panel, and the life will be affected accordingly. 。


The office furniture with Steel-wood combination can be said to have a long life at present. The steel structure does not need to say that its life is sure to be long. The solid wood panel can also have a long life. The key is that the panel can be replaced.

除此之外,合理的使用和保养家具可以有效的延长办公家具的寿命,如果大家想了解如何保养的内容,可以前去亚洲欧美综合在线天堂 家具了解更多。

In addition, reasonable use and maintenance of furniture can effectively extend the life of office furniture, if you want to know how to maintain the content, you can go to Fan Youqi furniture to learn more.

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